7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

In 2021, more than 230 million consumers are expected to shop online across the United States. While the previous year was quite unpredictable with the ongoing global pandemic, this may come as a positive sign for many businesses with more opportunities for growth. As a business owner, this might be the right time to invest in digital marketing strategies and focus on upcoming trends.

Once you get an idea of the elements which could make your digital marketing approach a success, you will find it easier to reach your desired business goals. So without further ado, let’s go through some of the biggest digital marketing trends that seem set to dominate 2021.

  1. Use of Virtual and Augmented Reality Features

As the pandemic put a stop to physical attendance, a number of brands such as Fenty by Rihanna and Apple hosted their big events virtually. With virtual and augmented reality becoming popular through this time, companies can benefit from using them in their digital marketing strategies.

In 2021, it will most likely become a dominant trend as consumers look to experience products and services without visiting stores physically. Ikea and Gucci have already introduced AR features to their customers where they can try on different items to see the final result before making a purchase.

Your audience could get a better idea of your products and services with virtual and augmented reality, 360 pictures, and videos. This might also help you in branding with your logo, products, or services as people will become familiar with your business and closely monitor it later on as well.

2. Live-Streaming on Social Media
In 2020, there was quite an increase in people watching live-streams of influencers and brands on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. On Facebook, the number of people tuning into live-streams increased up to 50 percent while Instagram reported that their viewership rose by 70 percent.

As we move forward into 2021, this trend will most likely dominate in digital marketing as the results could be quite positive for businesses and brands. By engaging the audience with live-streaming, you might be able to run a successful promotion for your products and services.

Cosmetics companies such as Estee Lauder and NYX Professional have managed to attract a lot of attention with their live-streams and even collaborated with influencers to widen their reach.


Image Source: facebook.com/nyxcosmetic

3. Increased Video Content

According to a report, around 84 percent of the consumers stated that videos were able to convince them to go for a particular product or service. Videos are becoming a huge digital marketing trend and will continue to dominate further on as well given the popularity of TikTok and Twitch.

Short videos as sponsored advertisements on social media platforms or channels such as Youtube can help you promote your business and attract consumers everywhere. You could also create a video with your brand story or product review. Explainer videos have also been used by brands such as Uber and McDonald’s to increase engagement with the consumers.

4. Inclusive and Meaningful Campaigns

In the last year, there has been a surge in people becoming more active with important causes such as diversity and inclusivity. Due to this, consumers want brands that are able to fit a purpose in their marketing campaigns and play a role in being socially responsible.

In digital marketing, there are more opportunities to reach out with a message. It’s why the trend of marketing with strong and meaningful campaigns will most likely rise in 2021. You can become a part of a campaign on social media with a hashtag as Always did with Like a Girl or participate in a cause.
Facebook announced a grant for small businesses affected by COVID-19 on its accounts while Qatar Airways shared that they would be giving 100,000 free tickets to medical workers.

source facebook

Image Source: facebook.com

Image Source qatarairways

Image Source: qatarairways.com

5. Google Listings

For small and medium-sized businesses, getting a listing on Google My Business can be greatly helpful in marketing and promotion. It shows the consumers that the business and brand is reliable, and encourages them to explore the products or services. If you can optimize your business for Google listing, you could also increase its visibility and obtain a high ranking in local SEO.

While Google is one of the best options, there are also options to list businesses on Facebook, Apple Maps and Yelp.

6. Optimized Visual and Voice Searches

With Artificial Intelligence and enhanced search tools such as Google Lens, digital marketing is becoming quite focused and targeted. One rising trend in 2021 might have a lot to do with powerful visuals and voice searches. According to a study, more than 122 million people are expected to use voice search during 2021 and the number could keep on increasing.

It’s why businesses should try and focus on optimizing their websites for voice searches and adapt to that as well. If you are able to add that and use high definition visuals with SEO keywords in the alt text and image name, you could gain a lot of advantages. With appealing product pictures and voice optimization, you may generate more traffic and increase conversions.

Image Source lens.google

Image Source lens.google

7. Increase in Interactive Posts

This is not only a way to engage with the consumers on a personal level but also to wider the reach of a business and brand. When you share content such as quizzes, click-through posts, and animated features, you have a higher chance of convincing the consumer to buy your product or service.

If you have a business in loan financing, you could add a calculator to your website. There is also the option of having surveys and questionnaires for people to fill out for product recommendations. Clinique has an interactive foundation finder quiz on their web page that allows users to find the right match for their skin tone.


Image Source: Clinique.com

To Sum Up

These digital marketing trends will most likely continue through 2021 and even further if the results are positive. You can keep your eye out for any changes and incorporate them in your strategy to attract consumers and spread brand awareness successfully.


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