Choosing a web designer in Zimbabwe – the WRONG WAY

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All web designers produce the same results?

If you make this assumption then you are on the right path for FAILURE! Not all web designers in Zimbabwe have the same qualifications and experience. Some are fresh out of college, some are self-taught, some have seen others do it and have decided to give it a crack but then also you can find the seasoned designers and developers with many years in the game. Surely a novice will not produce the same results as professional expert. A portfolio is a showcase of one’s work and achievements. You should view a designer’s portfolio and quite often you will be able to see a pattern of excellence or horror!

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Picking the cheapest out of the 3 QUOTES

You may buy bond paper this way, laptops and many other finished products BUT NOT a website. Here is a tip: the cheapest quote is often the guy who does the least amount of work – which results in a “white elephant” purchase. A functional website is not just what you see on the outside. It involves the inner code and settings that will actually bring you new clients. Quite often designers know you don’t have a way to check neither will you be concerned about what’s under the hood UNTILL months later when you discover that your website has a few visitors (despite that it looks cool and that you got a “bargain” for it). Talk about pouring money down the drain. An “expensive quote” may be so because it has all functionalities in one. You need real evidence of Search Engine Optimization, a designer that understands User Experience (UX) Design and much more. Simply quoting for SEO from a company that ranks low in their own industry, may make you want to think twice.

Choosing based on proximity

You don’t choose your dentist only because he is close to you, do you now? So why pick the first designer near you? Distance should not be a barrier in these modern times where we have access to Skype, TeamViewer, WhatsApp etc. You don’t travel to Silicon Valley, USA to have a Facebook page created do you now? So why would you settle for the only designer, in say, Kwekwe when you can get better help online from one in say, Harare?

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