How much a website costs in Zimbabwe?

How much a website costs in Zimbabwe

How much a website costs in Zimbabwe?

We get this asked a lot. Well “How much is a car?” – to throw that back to you…Not to say a website costs as much as a car – though it can.  We say that to say this, it all depends on YOUR needs and budget. You must have an idea of what kind of car you want right?  An SUV, sedan, mini-van, etc, the CCs, mileage perhaps if buying second-hand, how much you are willing to spend etc. Same way for a website there is no single price for web design.

At Akoiweb we look at several factors to come up with your quotation. In our view, a website is by far one of the cheapest options for marketing your business. Consider having a single billboard for one year – one month alone costs about $350 (low-end markets) X 12 that’s $4,200. This is won’t get you national coverage, let alone international. What about radio, newspaper or even distributing flyers? [costly]

A website may cost you anywhere from USD 450 to as much as USD 3, 000+ . These are just reduced prices for Zimbabwe and African regions. Around the world and especially in developed countries, it is quite normal for a website to start around USD 5,000 – over USD 100,000. The more advanced the technology, the more costly it will be.

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